Law of Attraction in Action

with Ingrid Darragh

Manifesting your Ideal Life

- That you are living the life of your dreams
- You do work that you love and are surrounded by amazing, like-minded supportive people 
- You feel completely confident in your abilities and have achieved success beyond what you had even dared hoped to dream of
Does this feel possible for you? Or does it feel like everyone else has achieved success, while another year passes you by and you are left wondering when it will ever happen for you?
You are not alone! So many of my clients feel stuck for various reasons, including:
- Lack of motivation or not believing that they can do it
- Insecurities from the past (or even childhood) that have not been processed and healed
- Repeating negative thought patterns (rather than being conscious of the learning and how they need to change and grow beyond that)
- Fear of failure or getting hurt if they try again (or even terrified)
- Low self-belief (e.g. how could I do that? I am too old, too overweight, not smart enough…etc)
- Procrastination (e.g. I will start next year, once my business has taken off, once the kids have left home….etc)
- Or they may not believe that it is even possible to live such an amazing lifestyle!
The good news is that these are just thoughts - and I am here to help you to process, heal and transform anything that has been keeping you stuck, so that you can step forward with confidence and renewed excitement about your life.
You deserve to:
- Achieve your highest potential  
- Feel connected with amazing, like-minded people
- Life the life you have always dreamed of
- Share your unique gifts with the world in ways that are joyful to you

Guess what? All of this can be yours. Yes, really!

Why should you work with me?
  • I have 12 years’ experience as a Coach with a proven track record of supporting clients from all over the world in 1to1 sessions and group coaching programmes
  • I am a graduate of Coach U’s Advanced Coach Training programme (3 year course), an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner & Master EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner 
  • I am the founder of Equilibrium-ni School of Personal Development in Northern Ireland and the Author of “Divine Love”, as featured on Hay House Radio and EFT Radio
  • I am the creator of the “Law of Attraction in Action" coaching programme and also have 10 years’ experience in Project Management, Sales and Marketing

I‘m here to empower people like you to overcome any blocks to Abundance… once and for all!

I use my real life experience and the qualifications that I have to support my clients to:
- Become crystal clear about what they want to achieve and manifest
- Set clear goals and put plans in place to make it happen
- Break free from any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs
- Learn positive mindset and manifesting techniques to supercharge their life
- Discover where they have been “stuck” and how to move forward again
- Surpass their goals and live the life they have always dreamed of

My LOA in Action group coaching programme was created especially for people like you

This 30 Day programme includes:
- A private Facebook group – with access to Ingrid to ask your important questions and get feedback on your progress
- Coaching tips and EFT Tapping vidoes
- A PDF workbook – for you to fill in with clear action steps to support you to manifest your ideal life

We are starting on Monday 3rd April, but you can sign up today and enjoy some early bonuses on our Facebook group!

We can get started together if you are:
  • Ready to discover what has really been holding you back 
  • Willing to try new things
  • Ready to “get out of your own way”
  • Open to coaching support and guidance

You deserve to connect with the highest possible levels of Abundance with confidence and ease and I am here to help you to do it!

Purchase the 30 day course at the link below - for just £29 (about $43US) and you can then download the PDF workbook, which will explain how to join our private Facebook group to access the course and videos. 

I look forward to supporting you toManifest a life beyond your Wildest Dreams!
Very best wishes,