Having used doTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils for many years, it makes sense to share them with friends, family and my clients by becoming a doTERRA "Wellness Advocate". 

I look forward to sharing these wonderful products with you! Please feel free to contact me for any further info on any specific product or ailments and I will get back to you - whether you want some info, to attend one of my events, find out how to order for yourself or become a Wellness Advocate and get discount on the products (and some free products) / offer them to others. 

Also, I am looking for people to join my Team - please let me know if you would like more info about how to apply - either on a full time or part time (self employed) basis. All training is provided and you would be personally coached by me to support you to grow your business.

·        Essential oil – is the natural aromatic compounds found in plants (their immunity)

·        Steam-distilled or cold-pressed extraction

·        Powerful, safe benefits without side effects

When we use the oils, we take on their properties, e.g. anti-bacterial, anti-viral or anti-fungal…etc

doTerra oils are:

Pure and natural - no artificial ingredients, fragrances or fillers

Safe – free of pesticides and other chemical residues

Potent – standardised active compounds

Using essential oils

Aromatically – diffuse in a room to purify the air or to change emotion (great for emotional benefits / mood management), could also use a diffuser necklace or bracelet

Topically – apply diluted onto the skin during massage or for topical therapy

Internally/oral – in a cold drink, honey, coconut oil or a capsule

Using oils – bottom of your feet is a good place to start

Oils get into your blood very quickly there and enter our blood stream within seconds / minutes

Within 30mins – 1 hour, they are in every cell in our body, so purity is so important

Essential oils safety

·        When used responsibly, the oils are very safe and gentle without side effects

·        Safest place is on the feet

·        Dilute in most instances – this is done in carrier oil, not water

·        Keep out of eyes, ears and nose

·        Remove with carrier oil if sensitive, or oil has got into eyes, ears or nose (not with water)

·        Test for skin sensitivity on crease of elbow or soles of feet (diluted)

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