How to mend a broken heart

This is a 42-minute transformational video programme to help you to mend your broken heart. You will be guided and trained by relationship expert, healer and author, Ingrid Darragh, to rapidly, effectively and easily get rid of the pain, anxiety and anguish that accompanies a relationship breakup. 

During the 9-part course, you will learn:

- How to manage panic and anxiety

- How to handle the deeper emotional pain and suffering using EFT (Emotional  Freedom Techniques)

- How to lift yourself up when you fall into negative or depressing moods

- How to be single and happy

- How to stop romanticising the past

- How to prepare the foundations for a future, more fulfilling relationship

- How to get rid of guilt and shame that may sabotage your happiness

This course is the complete guide to individuals who want to reclaim their freedom to love and to be loved as they desire, yet they understand the past pain needs to be processed and healed.