Comments from fellow Authors and Healers

"In this book, Ingrid eloquently answers some of the age-old questions about love that many struggle with. If you are looking to create the most exquisite relationship that lasts, then this book is your freedom - the freedom to be in the most amazing relationship that you can imagine." - Harun Rabbani, Author, Broadcaster and Creator of Soulmate Wisdom

"Ingrid will support you to connect more deeply with your Self and the divine love for yourself, the one you are meant to be with and others. She will inspire you with lots of tools and insights, her own story, her authenticity and commitment” - Duncan Coppock, Coach U Teacher & Master Certified Coach & Author of “The Self Factor”

“Develop inner confidence and self-love, attract more loving people into your life and be ready for a lasting, loving and mutually supportive ‘special’ relationship. Create your ‘happy ever after’ – fill it with love and make it fabulous!”, Chrissie Astell, Author and Spiritual Educator

"There is no subject more important to us than Love. Ingrid skilfully guides the reader through the challenges to real love in all its aspects of divine love, self-love, and loving relationship - offering wisdom gleaned from her own journey and years of coaching others. May this book become a precious friend on your own journey" - Miranda Macpherson, Spiritual Teacher, Counsellor & Author of "Boundless Love"

What some of my clients have to say

"I got the happy ending that I so desired. I aimed high - I wanted a big love and I got it. I can honestly say that I have never been happier. I feel calm, loved, supported & happy. Roll on the wedding - we definitely got our happy ever after" - Annalise, Belfast

"This stuff works. I am now married to the partner of my dreams, having worked through everything that was in the way for me. Thank you Ingrid for your support and encouragement to not 'settle' for something that was okay, but to reach for something truly wonderful" RJ, Edinburgh

"This process that Ingrid uses is truly sensational - it has brought me into a deeper relationship with myself. I have worked through my very deepest fears which, if left ignored, would have continued to destroy my life as they had been doing. Manifestation and Affirmations do work. I am living proof of it. I am so grateful to Ingrid for her encouragement, her love and her support" - N, Belfast