·         Are you interested in developing your spirituality and living an inspired life?

·         Do you want to use the law of attraction and spiritual principles to help you to manifest your ideal life?

·         Do you want to be openly spiritual and explore your gifts in a loving and accepting environment?

·         Would you like to learn how to use advanced coaching and healing techniques to live your best life and deal with anything that is holding you back?

·         Would you benefit from connecting to your Angels and Spirit guides and getting clearer messages for yourself and others?

·         Would you like to learn how to do, practice and exchange Angel card readings with others?

Ingrid will share regular videos, exercises and tips with the group on the key areas of focus each week to invite more love, light and abundance into your life

Ingrid will also send Reiki energy each week to support you to manifest your intentions and improve your life

Connect with likeminded souls and cheer each other on in your endeavors

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Circle of Light £10/month

Imagine how it would feel to

·         Received ongoing support from me and other members in a private group setting

·         Share your feelings, your struggles and your successes with your soul tribe and receive support in our loving and supportive group

·         Receive calming and healing energy daily

·         Feel at one with likeminded souls

·         Receive extra healing support when it is needed for yourself and your family

·         Develop and grow spiritually, at your own pace, in a supportive environment

·         Practice and share your spiritual gifts with other likeminded souls

Are you ready to

·         Join our Circle of Light soul tribe

·         Be part of a loving, caring, spiritual family that understand and accept you for who you are

·         Embrace your spirituality and your unique gifts

·         Live the life that you have always dreamed of

Join us TODAY in the Circle of Light soul tribe

I want to help you to

·         Embrace your spiritual gifts and share them with the world

·         Manifest the life of your dreams

·         Overcome any outdated or negative beliefs that are holding you back

What you will get

All of the above, plus I also do periodic LIVE videos for the group on key topic areas


Group Distance Reiki Healing sent by me, Ingrid Darragh, exclusively to the group once a week, to help you to feel calm, peaceful and more relaxed and to boost your powers of manifestation. Also, to support you to let go of anything that is causing energy blocks and preventing you from attracting what you desire

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a guarantee that you will manifest your desires overnight. However, when you receive Reiki energy on a regular basis over a period of a few months it can and will change your life! Feedback from my Reiki clients has confirmed that they all noticed a difference in their wellbeing when receiving regular distant healing.


·         Access and support in our private closed Facebook group with me Ingrid Darragh (a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Practitioner (EFT tapping)

·         This is a safe haven where you can talk about anything spiritual and receive love and support from me and other members

·         No one can see what you post apart from other members of the group, as it is a private group

·         It really is a hub of love, light and abundance and your very own spiritual tribe!


·         Regular support on key themes

·         EFT Tapping videos for the key priority areas of the group (you can submit requests for areas where you are feeling stuck, worried or anxious and Ingrid will add this to the list of requests for videos that she will make)

·         Coaching techniques and spiritual principles to support you to live your best life


·         Guided meditations


·         Special offers and discount for my holistic services and online courses


·         Being able to call in Reiki energy that I have programmed at any time for support, healing and protection

You will absolutely LOVE it in the Circle of Light tribe!

JOIN TODAY and find out for yourself. Stay for as long as you like and if you choose to leave there will be no questions asked. 

You first week will be just £1, then it will be just £10 a month! That is less than the price of a daily cup of coffee.

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Circle of Light £10 month