I am a Coach, Master EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Angel intuitive and Author, as well as a Mum to my son, who is 10.
I am based in N Ireland in the UK where I Coach clients from all over the world as well as running Equilibrium-ni (School of Reiki & Personal Development).
I was also the Chief Editor of UnTangled Heart (until 2016), where I was honoured to interview Relationship Experts including: Arielle Ford, Harun Rabbani, Katherine Woodward-Thomas and Marianne Williamson, amongst others.
I am passionate about supporting people to heal from past hurts and traumas and to fulfill their highest potential and I have worked with clients for over 13 years in my private coaching and healing practice- in 1to1 sessions as well as in group workshops.

Our greatest challenges are also our greatest teachers  

In my own life, my greatest challenges have also been my greatest teachers. Although I studied for many years to obtain my qualifications and certificates, I also learned so much from my life lessons, the things that my soul agreed that I would experience during this lifetime – divorce, financial issues, single parenthood, serious illness, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)… these were all part of my “apprenticeship” as a coach, healer and emotional healing expert.
I made a conscious choice to look for the learning and the opportunity for personal growth in every situation that came up on my path and I have since worked with clients worldwide (by Skype and phone) for over thirteen years and developed my own coaching and healing systems & processes to support people through challenging situations, including relationship break ups/divorce, illnesses including cancer patients and their carers, depression and anxiety and many others - to support them to feel confident and ready to move forward again.